The 1Win Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

The company behind the 1Win app cares about its players from India and prevents them from excessive gaming by applying the most advantageous practices in responsible gambling. Find the most important provisions of our policy below.

Essential Responsible Gambling Provisions in the 1Win

Responsible Gambling Rules

First and foremost, we accept only players who reached the eligible age for gambling. Therefore, if you are 18 or more, you can start playing in the 1Win app. If you are still below this age, you can’t use our application. We do not recommend or advertise our services to all those who have risks of mental diseases or can become easily addicted to gambling. Moreover, our company does not persuade players to use the 1Win app if they may have specific traits of gambling addiction. Before registering in the application, please, read those recommendations below:

  • Think about betting as a way of entertainment and not your possible source of income;
  • Keep full control over your spending in betting and gambling;
  • Don’t put at risk money that you can’t afford to lose;
  • Avoid trying to win back your losses.

Verification Procedure

1Win Verification Procedure

To make sure that you are of eligible age, you should complete a special verification procedure:

  • This is a necessary step when we can’t establish your age during the registration procedure;
  • We can temporarily suspend your account until the age verification procedure is done;
  • To play using the 1Win app, you should be 18 or older;
  • Read our T&C documentation before downloading and installing the 1Win app.

If you feel any kind of addiction and you can’t deal with it on your own, you can ask the administration to suspend your account. In addition, you can also send us a request about decreasing your deposit limits if you want to lower your losses.

Keep in mind that you should not create new accounts after enabling the responsible gambling mode. Otherwise, your main account suspension will be useless. If you think that it is time to restore your account or deposit limits, you can contact us again.